You Can Do This!

GCYouCan!As a marriage counselor and frequent speaker, I have seen many people work toward restoration with very positive results. Marriage reconciliation takes reasonable, reliable steps that will encourage individual growth and will inevitably influence your circumstances. Restoration in every aspect of life takes the same approach, one step-at-a-time can move you forward to the healthy place you want to be.

While working with people for the past 20 years I have seen many courageous clients celebrate small to life-changing victories. My wife, Jan, and I have celebrated many victories over the past 31 years. You can do this, too!

My favorite clients, the ones who inspire me to be a better man, husband, dad, and counselor, have this characteristic in common – they do not demand that circumstances submit to their wills. They choose to take life on life’s terms, seeking instead the kind of transformation that enables them to experience the very same circumstances from a fresh, hope-filled, life-affirming perspective. Of course, the irony is that their transformed attitude often positively influences their circumstances.

I’m not giving up on successful reconciliation and restoration! No way! I am convinced that we become a greater influence toward this goal when we embrace that change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

It is my privilege to speak often on marriage and relationships from a spiritual and therapeutic perspective. I love to encourage people to grow strong, dedicated, and fulfilling intimacy with their spouses, family – and a loving God, through whom all things are possible!

Hang in there.
You can do this!

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