Welcome! Good Counsel offers professional, affordable Christian counseling to help people through life’s difficulties.

We believe that inner-personal struggles often deteriorate relationships and can bring us to a point of impasse where we seek a profound, life-changing resolution.

These struggles often include relational and emotional trauma characterized by depression, anxiety, marital disintegration, and addictive lifestyles.

We are committed to a good, solid counseling approach that inspires reflection on past experiences, develops new skills to affect current life situations, and a trust in God to face the changes and challenges of each new day.

Good Counsel has a rich heritage in the Lakewood community with its roots as Bear Valley Counseling, a ministry of Bear Valley Church. We changed our name to Good Counsel in 2013 and moved to a new location in Lakewood, Colorado.

As a non-profit, Good Counsel is blessed to have church and community partnerships that help provide reduced rate packages for those in financial need (when funds are available).

Call Good Counsel at 720-295-2827 for more information.

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