Family Counseling

Good Counsel - Family Counseling

Most young couples start out with hopes and dreams of what family life will be like and thankfully experience many of them! However, most of us will face roadblocks during our journey. We hope to live out Proverbs 17:6; “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”

Today, building a healthy family is more difficult than ever, with challenges such as:

  • Meshing different parenting styles
  • Sorting through the dynamics of blended families
  • Facing the unexpected with family members
  • Confronting financial challenges
  • Work-Life Balance – family activities and finding alone time
  • Navigating through normal transitions from starting a family to empty-nesting

We can look at how to keep the goal of Proverbs in mind, even when times are tough and the unexpected arises. If you are feeling overwhelmed, let’s explore the possibilities, and discover new skills and resources to help restore your hope.

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